Protect your custom data with best practices and Security tools for Business

  • 23 Mar 2022

With the proliferation of criminals hacking into computers to gain personal and business information for financial gain, the question is not so much IF you will ever be affected, but WHEN. The most recent data acquired from 2018 finds that there were billions of instances of computers being hacked into…billions. Considering the amount of personal data you store on your clients and prospects, these numbers are scary indeed and it makes the subject of sharing data one that must not be looked at lightly.

When looking at a portal such as, as a business owner, you may have trepidation when considering the fact that so much of your data would be uploaded into the platform…what if it were to get hacked? This is a good question and a wise one indeed, but rest assured, that when working with the Liquidity platform, it is likely that your data and personal information is safer than it would be on your own hard drive. employs some of the most state-of-the-art security protocols in existence and they constantly update their servers to ensure that when a new security solution exists, they employ it. All their datacenters are tier 4 certified and provide advanced anti-intrusion protection combined with enterprise networking hardware. The cloud program comes complete with a 99.9% uptime guarantee to ensure that your data and services are available even in the event of an attack, and their private cloud software is equipped with enterprise grade DDOS software to help guarantee the safety and security of all data. You even have the opportunity to reroute your services to remote locations outside of the Liquidity network if need be to help make a hacking event even more difficult.

Liquidity recognizes that your data is the reason your business exists, and they do not take that fact lightly. The highest level of cloud-based security protocols combined with the dedication in keeping up to date with the latest software security developments is one of the reasons why Liquidity remains the platform of choice for so many businesses. They can provide you complete access to operating every aspect of your business from any wi-fi connected device and do it safely and securely.